Friday, July 11, 2014

Potential Blog Changes, etc

My blog has not been one of my main priorities for awhile, but I've decided to try creating more of a web presence for myself. In addition to being an outlet for my thoughts and creativity, it's also a potential way to earn a few extra bucks, granted I build a decent sized audience. However, I don't want to limit myself to just this blog. I plan on creating content on a YouTube channel and maybe somehow linking the channel to my blog so people can watch crap or read crap. Crap, in this instance, meaning quality content of course.

This means that this blog will likely undergo some visual reconstruction and a potential name change. What say all you to that? The Pumpkin Patch is cool, but I think something different might be in order.

Anyway, short life update for those that read this far. I haven't been seeing my therapist but plan to go back very very soon. I've had several unpleasant episodes in the mental health department and I need to further explore the world of bipolar disorder and how to manage it with the help of a professional. I can't remember if I've talked about this before, but bipolar disorder runs on both sides of my family to a degree it seems, and that's usually a sign that you should be tested or at least look into the possibility of it.

I've discovered that high dosages of caffeine can send me into a vicious spiral that usually ends in a horrendous mixed mood state where I have a lot of energy, depression, and irritability all at once. It's tough to understand and explain and it baffles me still while I'm in the midst of it. Though there isn't much capacity to really think about much during those times. Blah, whatever, I'm done writing about this. It's just a venting session or something.

Anyway, expect changes in the blog, visually and also quantity of posts. Hopefully it'll get going sometime soon.


Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The Shadow of Sleep

I wrote this on a late, late night a couple weeks ago and forgot about it until now.


The raven dives toward earth,
Never touching land or sea.

Tangible, on the border
Reminiscent of the shadow of sleep

We swoop low to the ground,
Though we chase no Zzz’s.

Our souls may fly,
Wherever they please,

Unencumbered by matter,
The flesh and bone and duties,

Released from mortal prison,
Finally free to chase dreams.