Monday, February 27, 2012

Sinful Muffin

I never played for Coach Garth except for one time in a random practice when people were trying to see if the kids liked his coaching. Before I left practice, I was told by Mr. Anderson that I should write Mr. Branum a letter, telling him that I didn't want Scott Origas to coach anymore. As a high school freshman, I was infuriated but had no idea of what course of action to take. I just bottled the secrets.

Every single year that I was at CVA there was drama, conflict, and loads of BS arguing about athletics. I lost myself in the rage and saw red countless times during heated basketball games when the Eagles played against Midland or Park View. This inner fury wanted to see the opposing teams consumed and trampled upon. After the games I thought to myself about these feelings. What kind of person am I becoming when these desires are allowed to take control of me? I believe that anyone giving into these vicious ranges of emotion is essentially enabling the Devil to ram his hand up them and work their mouths and minds like a puppet, myself included.

I have never understood the pseudo secret agenda of crafty parents that seem to find purpose in meddling. Our school may as well have been the Middle East, pushing people in and out of power for political causes, none of which I can grasp. All that I know, as a student who has lived in silence and observance to these issues, is that what College View Academy has learned to promote and live for is not right. I knew it the day I was told to support the overthrow of a fellow Adventist coach. And I know it now as I read the comment barrages on FaceBook. Normally I find myself on the liberal sides of most topics. But a logical conservative side of me continues to say that our involvement in competition is wrong. In my four years at CVA, I saw evil dominate the good again and again. It was like a sinful muffin with some good-moment sprinkles on top.

I hold no feelings of contempt for Garth Glissman and I feel awful that we have put him through all the recent negativity. However, my imperfect human side is appalled at the words and actions of parents that were supposed to be an example to the kids and have failed. We've been led on crusades seeking to "be right" and "crush the people that don't agree with us". To my fellow peers and friends, we are better than that. But this is what we become when God is placed second in any area of our lives. I abhor the sports program because it has succeeded thus far in tearing us apart when we are supposed to be living as brothers and sisters, striving TOGETHER for Heaven.

Everyone must decide what is most important. If something is splitting up our school, our families, and our community, then is it worth keeping around? Every single time that CVA tries to turn around, come to God, and make things real, Satan attacks ever harder. This is clearly evident right here, right now as you see the online offenses, beating each other up over trivial matters. It is shameful but it isn't too late. I don't know details on the recently occurring events and I don't care. Everything becomes irrelevant and meaningless in the big picture.

Anything placed above Jesus in our lives is a sin. And that isn't me trying to beat anyone over the head with the Bible. It has remained a truth throughout time. All I desire is the unification of us as a Christian body. Not the division via petty disagreements. Let us reach towards Heaven, change our direction, break our weapons, rip up agendas, and come to Jesus. Let Him build our peace and fellowship. Stop the arguments. Stop the hate. Stop the competition. Don't worry about what anyone else is doing. It begins with you. Start loving.

"My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you. Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one's life for one's friends". John 15:12-13 NIV

And yes, this is my blog you are on. It is where I show everyone how imperfect I am and my struggle to reach for God. Feel free to browse.


  1. Ahhhhhhh Josh you are sounding like a a mature adult. I love to go to the games it is really fun but just this morning I told a friend that I don't think sports is worth the mess it always make at CVA. I say chuck it~

  2. Just a generation or two ago, sports competition was frowned upon, not only in our schools, but by Adventist Christians as a whole. Then intramurals were allowed, with the rationale that it wasn't as competitive that way. But it led to teams playing other Adventist academies, and finally filtrated to games with local Christian schools, then even local public schools.

    I agree with your assessment about it bringing out the worst in our young people. If we want to teach team spirit, send them on more misison trips.

    We are now hearing more about head injuries during sports. They are even passing a law in Nebraska to require not sending a youth back into a game, if a concussion is even suspected! Hello? And we wonder why their academics are suffering...

    I've always advocated that school gyms should not outshine our school libraries. My final word.

    Your former librarian :D

  3. Anonymous - Yes, I'm of the opinion that in the long run we would be better off without it. Yet at the same time, some of my best friends absolutely love playing. It hurts me to see something they love get tarnished by politics and unhealthy competition.

    Mrs. Thompson - Indeed, I remember hearing all about "back then" and how there were no sports. I thought that was dumb and that sports are all good, no matter what. But things change. However I don't believe mission trips are the end all to things and I find the physical injuries becoming secondary in comparison to the spiritual strain put upon the players. Thank you for your input!

  4. I really appreciate this one man, I can't read the facebook posts about it, because i know it will get me angry and i'll start running my mouth, not about garth, i don't know anything about that so i wouldn't say much about it, but on just people arguing amongst themeselves. So i don't have the self control to allow myself to read those posts and comments ha ha. Any ways, glad to hear your thoughts, but keep in mind CROSS COUNTRY FTW!!!! everyone's friendly = )

  5. I second your sentiments/comments. I, too, have looked on from the sidelines for many years and have been sickened by what I have seen and heard. I have never understood why our school administration and parents are willing to expose their children to someone who screams, belittles, cusses, etc. Is Jesus glorified in that kind of behavior? I would hope this isn't what our children are used to at home so why would we allow a coach to treat our kids that way? CVA is a Seventh-day Adventist CHURCH school. It is supposed to be a safe, spiritual environment for our children to thrive in. I have observed parents being so rude and disrepectful as they watch a game. What does this show our visitors? I believe we have done a terrible dis-service to our children, community, and most of all to our Lord.


  6. Thomass...... indeed.

    Laverne, this is true. Though the screaming and cursing shouldn't be restricted to just the 'someone'. Everyone involved is accountable and responsible for the way they conduct themselves. An Adventist coach wouldn't necessarily change the competitive dynamic and the manner in which people behave. Intentions and priorities, intentions and priorities.

    Also in retrospect, the sinful muffin analogy would have made more sense had I used a sinful cupcake. I don't know of any muffins that have sprinkles on them. But thats what my passionate soul does at 4:30 in the morning I guess.

  7. Well Said Josh! Well Said! I have long been a proponent of sports, but you make some important points.

    I liken it to what Jesus said...

    If your hand causes you to sin, cut it off...

    If your eye causes you to sin, pluck it out.

    (quoted from my favorite version...the RAP -- The Revised Adams Paraphrase =)

    I still wish for the wistful possibilities that sports promise, where athlete and spectator can both blithely and blissfully participate with energetic enthusiasm while maintaining peace on Earth and goodwill to men. Oh well, maybe someday (sigh) Maybe someday...

    Mr. Adams