Thursday, May 17, 2012

3 am

This post concerns my lack of posting as of late. Speaking of late, its three in the morning. I haven't been keeping up on blogging and I don't know why. Maybe its apathy. Maybe I haven't had anything great to say. All I know is that I've been finding myself caught in a self inflicted crossfire of 'I don't even know what'. I just feel confront with everything and heavy loads of thought. Feelings of everything around me falling away. Feelings of urgency and despair. Feelings of incompetence. Feelings of self destruction. Feelings of failure. Feelings of insanity and uncertainty. Feelings of compulsion. And so here I am obsessing over lyrics and music and planning for tomorrow's writing, knowing good and well that I most likely won't be able to get up in the morning to accomplish it. Anyways, sorry for the lack of posting. I just haven't been motivated to keep up on anything. But that's nothing new. And I don't have anything new to say, so I'm done talking now.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Destined for Departure

A personal poem that incorporates lyrics from a song that brings back some memories. Enjoy, comment, go like The Pumpkin Patch on FaceBook.

Atop a car in the middle of a field
Chilly air, cold wind
Reaching for our skin
Five out of five under soft shields
Sharing secrets
Admitting regrets
Discussing hidden hurt unhealed
I’m attempting not to preemptively grieve
But here is truth
From us on the roof
Three out of five are scheduled to leave
Exit state, exit town
No more hanging around
Letting go makes it hard to breathe
“The sun goes down, the stars come out
And all that counts is here and now
My universe will never be the same
I’m glad you came
I’m glad you came”
You entered my world out of the blue
We’re all friends
That’ll never end
Even if its the last time I see you
We had fun
Under a summer sun
We nod farewell, we tearfully do
We’ve made memories that’ll last
Buy coffee, go broke
Learn to smoke
Stare at the moon, laying in grass
Ponder God’s mysteries
Break habitual histories
Lay aside our protective masks
“The sun goes down, the stars come out
And all that counts is here and now
My universe will never be the same
I’m glad you came
I’m glad you came”
This chapter won’t remain
I have to admit
This will hurt quite a bit
But there’s no one to blame
Over separated years
And the falling tears
Because I’m still glad you came

Borrowed lyrics: "Glad You Came" - The Wanted

Tuesday, May 1, 2012


A poem inspired by doing exactly what the first two lines say. I also received some inspiration from ColdPlay's "What If". When I think about how fleeting each day and my life is, I try and take time to not let moments slip. Telling people I love them often. Thanking service men and women for what they've done. Breaking internalized stereotypes by striking up conversation with someone I feel is "sketchy" or undesirable. Things like that just make me feel good inside. Life's too short to pass those times up. This poem is basically for anyone in my life.

One second I’m on my back
Under a blue dusky sky
The next I could be
Falling off the Otherside
The dogs are barking
Hellhounds, it would seem
Here I am in a moment
Existing for the time being
One second I’m a floating speck
In an ocean of stars
The next I could be
The vapor exiting your car
Bombs might be falling
In just a minute or two
So why waste life away
Living it without you?
One second you’re my friend
Somebody that I love
If the next you walk away
Meet me again up above
Then when the world is void,
We’ll have no more disputes
No money or school or people
To stop us from being true
If one second when we live
Either of us should depart,
The next moment being Heaven,
Just know you have a place in my heart
A special spot where we exist,
Only to be filled by you and I
Dearest friend, I’ll be writing, always
‘til we fall off the Otherside