Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Coffee Shop Girl

Here is my Valentine poem. I've been wanting to write a love-ish poem for awhile, but never have had much reason to. But this idea has been floating in my mind and so here it is. Have a Happy Valentine's day everyone. Whether single or in a relationshit, make the best of it. I will be working. That is all. <3

There is a silhouette inside my mind
Of a woman in the future, ahead in time
The ideal picture is foggy, and yet a dream
But I imagine I’ll know her, the instant she’s seen
I want a girl that can drink her coffee black
And still enjoy sweeter things, while typing on a Mac
A fellow writer, artist, a kindred spirit with whom I can relate
Someone with dreams and ambitions, to do something great
Someone to calm my nerves when stress abounds
And sit with me awhile when I fall down
A coffee-shop girl with a character, so bold
Who can curse like a sailor, but have a heart of gold
She’ll be a girl with whom things make sense
And I’ll pray to God she’s got chill parents
I hope she and I don’t need each other at all
The best love comes from choices, and so in love, I’ll fall

1 comment:

  1. Like "don't need each other at all". It's true that love isn't about need, but about want--wanting each other. Not quite need, because you can both stand on your own two feet. You just want to do it side by side together.

    I hope you find that girl, Josh!