Wednesday, February 8, 2012


This is the second poem I submitted for the poetry contest. Now I'm just crossing my fingers and hoping that one of them will win perhaps. We shall see what happens.

Dearly beloved Mother, long ago you struggled
Problems were never few
The difference was that there was no one
Who came to stand beside you
The way you’ve remained a pillar
As your boys have wrestled tough issues
Hark, single Mother your youngest is crying
Laying there on the floor
Five in the morning
And you stand inside the door
You will comfort until you die
Carrying love for the boys you adore
Hark, single Mother your eldest’s mind is a web
That he tries and fails to decode
Fighting demons out on paper
So that others can be shown
You will listen until you die
Carrying love for the boys you’ve known
See, strong Mother the sons you have raised
And taught to live right
Your words and impact are never wasted
Though sometimes may be trite
A mother’s love is forever
And it tells me everything will be alright