Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Rushing the Roses

Here's a longer poem, but one that kinda just came to me and I expanded the concepts. It'll be one of several poems that I'll be submitting in the next couple days to my college's poem contest. Hit me up with feedback so I can make last minute tweaks if need be. Enjoy the poem and enjoy life.

What is a man
If he has no heart
Lacking passion in his life
No hobbies or art
Where is happiness found?
Surely not in the commerce all around
He’ll walk along his path with purpose and a plan
Marching on the Yellow Brick Road, a prideful man
And there he shall see
In the grass so green
Beautiful flowers to turn a profit if he can
What is a man
That has no courage within?
To make something great of himself
Improve the condition he’s in
Where does happiness reside?
Surely not in a content robotic lie
He’ll walk along his path, settled in his ways
Trudging on the Yellow Brick Road, complacent every day
And he may briefly glance
At beauty in the distance
But fear of the unknown leaves it there to stay
What is a man
If he has no brain?
And no sense of reason
So an argument may be sustained
How is happiness discovered?
Surely not with substances and one-night lovers

He’ll walk along his path, zero common sense
Like a dog on the Yellow Brick Road, outside his fence
There he will spy
The flowers with his eyes
Which he will stomp for a game he invents
What is a man
Who cannot appreciate the flowers?
Love their simplicity and beauty
Rather than squelching them with power
But does happiness only spring from the ground?
Or is it in the little things, all around?
He’ll walk along his path, a goal-oriented mind
Neglectful of the Yellow Brick Road’s chance for a good time
Then the adventure stops
Red shoes halt clocks
The journey should’ve outweighed the finish line

1 comment:

  1. Wizard of Oz was my favorite movie as a kid. There certainly is alot to dissect in that story. What is man without a heart, courage, or a brain? We need all three, like you said.