Friday, July 13, 2012

Caffeinated Friendship

Greetings readers. I post this today from the ever beautiful Colorado. I'm here in Estes Park at a StarBucks trying to get some. Writing done. tee hee. And I'm taking time to post this poem I've been mulling over for awhile now. Finally I have it completed.

I cling to things that pick me up
And put me down
Reset me on solid ground
This coffee is a warm embrace
It smoothly awakens my face
I know you wish I was better with money
Then maybe I’d have nice things to flaunt
But most days, this comfort is all I want
Whether I feel steam from under a lid
Or put a straw to my lips
It’s a friend when I don’t want to see people
Or twiddle my thumbs under the steeple
It’s theory, it’s factual
It’s intimate, it’s sensual
Let me cuddle with you
It’s love, it’s hate
It’s patience, it’s haste
A bittersweet taste
I’ve heard it called a crutch
An addiction or habit, perhaps it’s true
Because you have one too
I’ll transform this liquid energy
Into legendary thoughts
I’ll continue my caffeinated friendship
Whether it’s healthy or not

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