Thursday, December 25, 2014


I’m keeping this post fairly short, but I feel the need to thank some people, even though it’s hard to really express the level of gratitude I have. Here we go.
A couple weeks ago, I baked twenty kuchens for a Christmas Fair at CVA. I sold out and ended up with about fifteen orders for the holidays. However, I couldn’t have done it without the help of my mom and several of my friends. You know who you are and you all are seriously fantastic. You might not think you did all that much, but it meant more than you realize. Few people have friends like you guys and so it is truly remarkable you’re all in my life. Damn, I hate being sappy and borderline cliche, but it’s important to me to let you all know how much I appreciate what you’ve done. Mom, Tell, Katie, Trevor, and anyone else I'm forgetting: You are awesome.

Earlier this year, I wrote a short story called “Her Hair” and had been gradually revising it here and there. Eventually, it was accepted to be read on the KZUM radio station on a new show called The Platte River Sampler. I’d talked to Mandy about reading the female part, but the day before recording, I realized that my voice probably shouldn’t be narrating and reading the male part. So, on the Sunday we recorded, Thomas came over to my house, not realizing I meant for him to be reading a part for my story in less than an hour. All in all, the three of us went into KZUM and recorded for awhile and it went very well. It is airing in less than an hour today (Christmas) at 6 pm.

If you tune in, KZUM’s call sign is 89.3 FM. It can also be listened to live on their website, If you miss the live show, it will still be available on the podcast whenever you want to listen.


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