Sunday, February 17, 2013

Take My Hand

Oh and here's a poem I wrote for Valentine's day sort of and forgot to post. It probably needs some more work and restructuring and more thought and whatnot but here it is anyway.

Honey, take my hand
There’s a world out there
I think you should see
I want you to see it with me
Come see the fine things
Come hear how people sing
Come feel what tomorrow brings

Lady, just follow behind
There’s adventure out there
Places we can be
I want you there with me
Away from the evil things
Away from the sad things
Away from the stressful things
Trust my words because this time they’re true
We can create life and love, just me and you
Let’s sell our clothes and houses and cars
Let’s burn these drugged up streets and bars
Meet me in Paris, meet me in Rome
Wherever we are will be home
We’ll have chocolate and coffee and wine
I will be yours and you will be mine
We’ll lay on sun-warmed beach sand
Our journey awaits, but first, you must take my hand

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