Saturday, July 6, 2013

Lady Dracula

Here's a poem I wrote months ago which ended up inspiring me to write a short story about a guy imprisoned by a female vampire. No worries, they don't fall in love.

Lady Dracula,
Your love is like murder in my veins
There’s a seething fire in my heart
It ignited the day your teeth met my throat
And infected me with tender loving poison
This servitude is the apex of my mortal existence
You are the wind in the trees
  the shadow stitched to my heels
  the creaking kink in my back
  the tub full of blood
  the flickering candle
  the whisper from the basement
I walk to your coffin in a trance
we lay in an immortal dance
I am stoned with absolute adoration
        drunk with undying devotion

I traded freedom for love
  daylight for blood

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