Monday, July 1, 2013


Oh Muse,
Your body is a statuesque masterpiece
Your spirit sings a sweet song
You are a living work of art
Oh Addiction,
Your eyes are two pills.
I lust after the analgesic sleep
That your bittersweet opium brings.
Oh Mistress,
I writhe in agony as if ablaze.
You’ve sunk a lure in my ribcage.
I am entangled in your web.
Oh Goddess,
My words wither in your presence,
I crave your fleeting attention,
But love not myself.

Oh Shangri-La,
You are the unobtainable.
The asymptote of my desires.
I am an endlessly curving line.


  1. Not sure what you're describing here, but you do it so well! Wherever or whatever it is, you make it sound desirable...almost. Love it!!!