Monday, July 1, 2013


Being creative is more than just being weird and coming up with lots of ideas.

Actually, that's basically it.

Eh... but it's not.

This person has a decent article on creativity and all the different facets and such. Of course I couldn't/didn't read it all cuz I'm way out of focus. I've had my morning three or so cups of coffee and have moved to iced tea and juice. Often I say how I feel like I'm riding a creative high where thoughts flow abundant like my coffee and are as radiant as the sun which I hate so much. Perhaps I should say that thoughts and ideas fall all around me like rain. That'd be better.

But seriously, shit, when these extreme moments come when I'm hyped about a new discovery, the brain goes wiiiiild. And by nature, I am not a wild, crazy, energetic person. Okay, perhaps crazy. But not energetic, unless there are many ideas flowing.

These highs happen whilst playing guitar with (or without) my band buddy Riley. When our voices and guitars come together in just the right way, damn, I get excited. It's awesome. Right now I'm riding upward on a high from a new twist to put in a short story I'm writing. Hopefully I'll be able to put it up here when I'm done with it. Sometimes highs come strictly from caffeine and I'm just bouncing off the walls of my mind for no reason. But usually there is some sort of creative-something happening.

This next article speaks briefly about creativity in the workplace and how sometimes some of the crankiest employees are the most creative. Surprise-surprise: Creativity often spawns from sadness. It crawls out from the bowels of darkness and depression. Anyone who follows this blog regularly knows that's true. This is why soooooo many famous artists, musicians, and writers have been known to be afflicted with mental illness. The lows give way to productive highs and it all goes in a circle.

Geez, I started typing this and I'm already tired of writing. Bout time to move on to something else. The other thing that's been a recent difficulty is my focus. It feels like it's waning even further and getting worse. Bleh. Reading is becoming more difficult, which is why I only skimmed the articles I linked you to previously. Anyways, I'm done for now.


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