Thursday, April 5, 2012

Everything, Everyone

Everything, Everyone
Is asking me
To do something
To be someone
The weight of the world
Compresses my spine
I’m a clumsy fruit vendor
Dropping baskets of responsibility
My burdens, my strains
Are troubling to this crippled brain
The vicious cycle of stress avoidance
Increases angst and annoyance
Anything, Anybody
Is distracting to me
The shiny things
Attractive bodies
The thoughts of my mind
And my steam-punk dreams
Pervade conscious behavior
I’m afraid I will be crushed
My burdens, my strains
Are unique to personal pains
They might be handled fine
If they were against a different mind

I must confess that as of late I haven't been very satisfied with my poem writing. I don't know I'm just in an uninspired slump or if I'm just being too half-ass about things. Regardless, I finished this poem and I'm posting it because I gotta keep moving forward and putting things up. I've been collaborating with a couple of the seniors for their class play this year as well as helping with other things and maybe my mind just can't handle all these outlets at once. Anyway, pumpkins, that is all.

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