Friday, April 27, 2012

Jugular Jab

Sometimes things reach a near breaking point in class. My arms get all tingly, my legs get restless, my brain feels overloaded, and I just want to run out or flip a desk over. In these extreme times, I try and channel it into writing. So yeah, I wrote this during class and was glad my teacher didn't walk over and sneak a peak.

Class sucks, what the fuck, glad I tucked
A needle in my bag
Take note, as I float, its in my throat
A jugular jab
I grab my veins for some paint, no more restraint
I smear it on the floor
Then I start my final art: a literal work of heart
Dripping to the door
I shatter glass, then they gasp, I’m falling fast
Straight to the ground
The swirling in my head, aching in my bed, things you said
Finally make no sound

1 comment:

  1. i LOVE this one.
    it shows your TRUE emotion. this almost reminds me of blue october's latest album. Its just full of emotion.
    <3 love itt!