Tuesday, December 13, 2011

An Artist's Prayer

This is a compilation of many thoughts I had running through my mind today thinking about the Algebra final I had to take. The ideas and words were foggy within my head all day. But when they're finally put on paper, everything makes sense. Alas, math still does not.

Dear God,
I know what You’ve made me
I’ve discovered who I am
I don’t do well with measurements
The black and white I know
Consists of 88 keys
Things of science and numbers belong to You
You’ve grown me to deal with the heart
To make sense of issues
Deeper than the explainable
Now I am forced to reason
And delve into things I don’t comprehend
Lord, numbers and meticulous organization
Send me into darkness
I only want to live in the light
And thrive amidst my expertise
Remove this ruler and calculator
Put a pen in my hand
Plant inspiration in my heart
I ask only for clarity of thought
And grace to pass the tests required
Take it all away from me
Let me do what I love
Maybe one day in a New World
I can be a mathematician
Or a scientist for You
I, the humble student
You, the Eternal Teacher
Until that day
Prepare my heart
Inspire my mind
And bless my best efforts


  1. I like this one a lot. I love the duality of the back and white with the piano

  2. Math DOES have a purpose for artists--it inspired you to write this insightful poem!!! I think that should give you some free points on your final. Tell them I said so...

  3. The part of my brain that's supposed to comprehend math never fully developed - so i really, really like how you put in words such inspiring and awesome thoughts. i can SO relate! LOVED it!