Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Book

Tis a non-ryming poem that describes a metaphoric book that I could give to people in my life. We're all made from experiences we go through, thus my semi-graphic references to the book being made of the very substance that I am put together with. I literally wrote it in a few minutes, so not a lot of planning. Its one of my venting/half-ass attempts. Comments below!

I wrote you a story
Its the story of my life
Not everything is complete
But someday it will be
Inside it you’ll see yourself
Amongst other people
In the chapters you’ll read
You might discover how much
I loved you
Or hated you
Maybe you’ll see
How you tore my life apart
No matter where you end up
In the story of who I am
Your role has shaped me
In one way or another
Each action, each look
All your doubts
Each moment, each second
All my words
I’ve etched everything accurately
Carved it into my skin
Stretched the skin out into pages
Illustrated the pages with tissue
I cut and shaped with my teeth
Bound the contents with fibrous sinew
Scratched the title with bone
“Joshua Tyler Marshall”, it reads
And I leave it at your feet
I cannot walk away
Or embrace you where you stand
For the leaking volume before you
Is my story
It is all that I am

1 comment:

  1. I especially liked the part "carved it into my skin", etc. What we write feels like such a part of us, and if we approach the task that way, it is.