Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Roses and Razorblades

These are lyrics/a poem that I've had buzzing in my head for at least a year I think and haven't taken time to try writing it until now. It talks about relationships and their unstable nature. It isn't directed specifically to my life necessarily, but more so to the lives of a lot of people around me. The correlation between roses and razorblades came to me when I thought of the extreme emotions the two cause in people. One can evoke such profound intimate feelings while the latter can end up as the product of the prior failing. Broken love leaves scars.

Hang low
Your head looks like a boulder
I know
There’s something wrong here
What can
What can I do about this?
There are
Times when
You just can’t help feeling bad
When we
Fall in love
It follows a trend
If only we could find ourselves
In a single pond’s reflection
We’d avoid trouble and hell
And properly be fit to search for another
And razorblades, they are the same
Love turns into hatred
The ground beneath just fell away
There are
Times when
Cupid’s not a friend
When we
Fall in love
It follows a trend
If we could just know who we are
Discover the person covered in skin
We’d escape the desperate pit of tar
And see things in a different light
Love is
A puzzle to be put together
Keep finding pieces below their waist
Heart strings
Are the fragments that really matter
There are
Times when
People are more than friends
But when we
Fall in love
It follows a trend

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