Friday, December 2, 2011

Praying For Possession

Concerning Christmas.

Spirits fly all around, just out of reach
They even swoop down, but we never meet
Elusive and mysterious
I can’t seem to feel
In spite of all the colors
And the scents, so real
Spirits invisible with wings, they’ve started to go
They’d prefer me to sing, but I don’t like it to show
Maybe the snow needs to fall
Or maybe my head is broken
Perhaps its just a fluke
That I’ve missed the season’s token
Spirits apparent in other faces, like candle-filled pumpkins
They’ve been gathered from other places, the season is up to somethin’
If only I could sense
And be a part of the festive lights
But I feel stuck in over-drive
Too hyper to appreciate the holiday sights


  1. Ditto. :p
    although, it is kind of hard to be in the christmas spirit when its like, 98 degrees out..

    anyways, great job. loved itt.

  2. And I didn't realize this till afterwards, so maybe its my unconscious artist at work, but the words and stanzas form to make a christmas tree-ish shape as you look at the entire poem.

  3. I see it.... I think this is like one of those moments in Schnell s class when she has you over analyze every poem, you think to yourself that to poet did not plan this, we are just looking to hard. If this was in a literature book, it would be over analyzed

  4. Haha, I like this comment, because you are probably right. People try to make too much of things, whether poetry or lyrics and over analyze them. This one wasn't meant to be much of a thinker :)