Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Words straight from a bout of stressful panicky restlessness while trying to do homework.

What the hell am I?
Why do I fight
To not feel these feelings
At work and in the night?
When I’m restless, despite

The tired-longing for peace
In my mind
For something to finally click
So I won’t fall behind
Trampled by the daily grind
Who the hell is this?
Why does he ache?
“Just be content and calm
Shut up for Heaven’s sake
You’ll run ragged and break”

But still he dreams
And plans his escape
From this surrounding prison
In which he’s raped
By assignments, tasks, games
And there I am
Looking into a glass
Straight back at myself
The mirror’s light is cast
Between the same two faces, masked

He and I
Are often overcome
And thoughts of ending it all
Don’t seem so dumb
When under fire by Panic’s gun

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