Monday, January 2, 2012


This poem describes how I am on days when I just wake up wrong. No real cause for the feelings. They're just there.

I wanna close all the blinds
Pretend its raining outside
Cuz there are clouds in my mind
Things I can’t put behind
I wanna lay on my floor
Seal myself inside a door
Feel the numbness in my core
Block out the things I abhor
I wanna hear artists speak their riddles
Heal my nerves, growing brittle
Enlarge my esteem, becoming little
Sand my rough wooden heart, so whittled
I wanna trip out on vivid dreams, so placid
I’m like a junkie without any acid
These thoughts are twisted and drastic
They need time to play outside their plastic
I wanna soak in a bathtub of sorrow
Spend all the free time I’ve borrowed
To hard-reset this sleepless bizarre mode
In order to wake up normal tomorrow


  1. Nice poems. Good combination of modern and old timey rhyming

  2. Thanks for stopping by the Pumpkin Patch, Randombobman! I appreciate the feedback.