Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Night Frights

Poetic descriptions of a couple scary-ish dreams I've had this week.

A harasser of the young, Mr. KillerMan 

Escaping punishment and out on the loose 

We chased him for vengeance, in a van 

To seek retribution for the abuse 

Haunted by things he said 

That stuck like needles in my head 

Twinges of reality lurking in the red 

Yet all the while, safe in my bed 

I saw bodies scattered across the floor 

Twitching in strained seizures 

The MathMan crawled to me from the door 

Footsteps of Evil came my way with leisure 

He approached me as I played dead 

Then I awoke, full of dread 

Seemingly unharmed in bed 

But knowing I’d never be safe in my head

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