Sunday, January 1, 2012

Two in the Afternoon

This poem is a bit of a continuance on the previous post about the new year. After writing it yesterday I was hit with a few lines in my head that I wrote down and they became this poem at about 3 in the morning. It has some what of an odd rhyming pattern, but if the first three lines are blended together while reading, then the last two, it works. I could have put the three lines into one, but I think stanzas like this look so much better and with my OCD, I need things to look just so. Enjoy. I hope you all had a marvelous New Years celebration.

If the world ended
At two in the afternoon
I’d consider it a good day
Since I’d be at work
And basically dead anyway
If the world stopped breathing
And the sun’s light went out
I’d find peace that day
If you’d hold my hand and heart
I’d be ready, come what may
If the world burned in judgement
And brimstone fell like tear drops
I’d endure the long day
Knowing that I had a love
Hotter than even Hell’s flames
If the world ended at midnight
The minute after eleven fifty nine
I’d make the best of that day
Hug family farewell, then gather friends
To face oblivion together, brave
There huddled in unity
Our bloodless relations perfect
Spending final seconds of the last day
With the ones we’d hold closer than family
In a contented circle, nothing more to say

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