Tuesday, January 24, 2012

One Year Free

A poem based on personal reflections a few days ago about an ex and the time that's passed in between I guess. Its one of those poems where an idea and words sort of take control and just exit my mind without me asking. I suddenly realize that there are words on the paper and I take the raw mental product and form it into something more understandable for others. One of my longer poems, and the writing style is a bit different than I'm used to.

One year clean
My heart no longer needs you in order to beat
There was a day I thought you were it
The one I’d finally settle down with
I think that’s the part I hate the most
I nearly let my independence become a ghost
I love how now I can’t remember your middle name
I forgot your birthday and have gone on to be sane
I threw away the remembrances of you
Even the salt and pepper shakers I promised to hold on to
All these were signs I’d broken free
From the iron chains of love you placed over me
One year sober
Deep down, I was relieved it was over
I went cold turkey and survived the pain
Forgetting you was like a passing cloud, a three month rain
I rediscovered someone else better
With whom it didn’t work, I couldn’t get her
You found yourself a lover before we ended
It pushed me over the edge, my anger vented
And yeah, you wouldn’t admit it and be true
But you were done with me, and I was sick of you
I’d rather be single forever, chasing my dreams
Than to still be with you, getting stitched into seams
“One year free”
I think to myself retrospectively
365 days have gone by
Since the two of us broke our ties
We called it quits in the coffee shop
You wore a different necklace, not the one I got
That heart shaped trinket I gave you under a golden arch
Where I had my panic attack and sobbed out my heart
I drove to Kansas City to pick you up
After waiting an entire summer with a chest sewn shut
We gave it a shot, but I’m glad its this way
Because my soul would have died, tied down one more day


  1. Excellent. Once again two old cliches are true: Time Heals & There are a lot worse things than being single and that's being stuck in a suffocating, unfufilling relationship. (well, it goes something like that. I guess I projected my own spin on this one)
    Please keep writing and giving a voice to those of us who aren't gifted in expressing ourselves on the written page.