Friday, November 11, 2011


A nature-inspired poem written this fall.

Red bleeds on green
Revealing the once unseen
That gold fades to yellow
Falling from the tree
Spring’s effort to grow
Green life before it snows
Seemed wasted later on
When I felt the fall wind blow
If only Time could be wrestled
And convinced not to embezzle
The life in the arms of Nature
So snuggly nestled
Selfish weather always arrives too soon
And has its way, sun or moon,
To steal Summer’s artwork,
The hard-labored-blooms
When I examined the trees myself,
Their leaves destined for frozen hell,
I saw their colors were fantastic
And my attention they held
But the truth could not be hidden
And life could not be given
To restore life to the leaves
So I put on my mittens
After observation, I was betwixt
Knowing this could not be fixed
And death had never been so beautiful
But I shrugged, my feelings mixed

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