Friday, November 11, 2011

There Still Remains

I wrote this poem a few years ago for a Valentine's poetry contest in my school newspaper. It reflected a very real time in my life where I was struggling with problems of the romantic sort.

Your train stopped by
Late one autumn
How could I know
I’d hit rock bottom
The pieces flew
In every direction
The image of you
Only a broken reflection
Now I sit in this mess
Looking for peace
Searching for rest
I breathe in this smoke
Regretting every day I never spoke
Despite my crashes,
There still remains
Love in this wreck
Love in these ashes
Without you
I’m lost in my head
Wandering in the dark
Walking among the dead
I still hold onto
The things you said
The way I felt
The way I bled
Your words are
Clear as mud
But there still remains
Love in this darkness
Love in this blood
This all has to soak in
Our silence must be broken
What can I do?
I’ll never forget you
I’m fixing these pieces and parts
There still remain open arms
And love in this heart

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