Thursday, November 17, 2011


A poem inspired by winter a couple years ago coupled with a message.

A blanket of white covers the ground
A vivid and blinding site all around
Sitting there waiting for the victims to fall
A silent killer, making no sound
Falling distractions, specks of snow
They stare upon it as it goes
Until it fills passed their knees
The piles get bigger as they grow
The weather, inclement as it may be
Provides amusement for those like “we”
Who stand to watch in wonder
Continued contentment, in mystery
Frozen limbs on icy pine trees
Brittle branches snap around me
They stare at the sky,
Fixating a gaze with their eyes
The snow continues to fall
They’ll all be buried alive

Frozen limbs on icy bodies
Brittle souls collapse around me
For the spectators are engrossed
Taken in by diversion, witnessed by most
Skilled sleight of hand takes place
And in moves cold that nature doth host
Be warned, those that live in the heat
So a dismal fate, you shall not meet
Those living in the snow, live too fast
They fall on their faces from deceit
For the beauty around them is all too grand
To go back to warmth’s safety, though it be bland
Entertainment draws them in so close
That they may be led to a trap; led by hand

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