Monday, November 14, 2011


A poem I wrote for Halloween of 2011 which was loosely inspired by a TDWP song.

Brutal chainsaw
Explicit shotgun
I’ve got a horde of zombies
Under midnight sun
Causing all this pain
No wonder they love
Living in my brain
Silver bullet
Wooden stake
Wolves and leeches burrow
Scratches and scars they make
Bleed out of my heart
They thrash and rip
Tender pieces apart
Metal crucifix
Glassy mirror
Medusa and her demons
Have set up residence here
I stare at snakes
Feeling stone paralysis
My attention they take
Trick or treat
Sugary candy sweets
Kids in ghastly costumes
At my door I do meet
They dress as the dead
“Oh children if only you knew
The monsters in my head”

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