Saturday, November 12, 2011

Colorful Christmas

This is a festive poem I wrote as an attempt at being more lighthearted and not too dark in my writing.

I wished for a white Christmas
But it could not be so
For that fat man Santa
Did not send us any snow
I wished for a green Christmas
But it wasn’t meant to be
For as I hung the X-mas lights,
I burned down our great green tree
I wished for a black Christmas
But was not heard by Santa
For Davis could not come and visit
He was stuck in Louisiana
I wished for a red Christmas
But it just didn’t come true
For while flying in the cold weather,
Rudolph’s nose turned blue
I wished for a blue Christmas
But the sky didn’t lend its light
For clouds came over the stars
And covered up their blue light
I wished for a yellow Christmas
While laying awake in bed
But then wished it wouldn’t have happened
For my dog peed upon my head

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