Friday, November 11, 2011

The Hero I Never Met

You gave yourself so I could be free
You died for loved ones but never met me
Sacrifices made through the ages
Kept me out of dark red cages
Maybe saved me from chambers of gas
You were there, even before I asked
Whether drafted or by choice
Your life allowed me to have a voice
Because you lived and maybe died
Because you fought and maybe cried
I’m free to be me and express myself
All of it was possible with your help
Since I’m without worry about how to survive
I can take my talents and make them alive
Now I see that all I can do
Is take a piece of this gift and give back to you
So I could raise a glass or tip my hat
But I wrote a poem, because you gave me that
Cuz I’m one of the millions whose freedom you died to get
And you are the hero that I never met
This is dedicated to my Uncle Boone who served in Vietnam. Also to all the other servicemen and women who I HAVE met that have chosen to be protectors of our country. May God bless you all. Thank you.

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