Friday, November 18, 2011

LoveSick Symphony

I'm going to begin posting more recent poetry, seeing as I've really been on a roll and accomplishing a lot, which makes me joyous. So here's one that I started on a while ago, but got finished today. Enjoy :)

I met you last night
During a dream filled flight
Vivid and bright
Everything felt right
Sleep found the two of us
In a moment, spontaneous
Revealing years of trust
And feelings, robust
Twas more than an act
For my brain was cracked
Yes it was quite snapped
And so emotion reverted to black
My mind drifted
To the sound of a violin
Found the source
And was shy again
Therefore shifted
My heart’s trickery
To the rise and fall
Of a lovesick symphony
But the notes echoed in my head
Reverberated off walls instead
They bounced and floated like lead
Crushing my chest as I lay in bed
Hungover from dream juice
Neutrons firing so loose
Stalemate-induced truce
Reeling from reality’s noose
Senses dull, though my eyes did dart
In the morning I woke with a start
To find my feelings still in my heart
And us only existing in my art

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