Monday, November 14, 2011


A poem written some time ago, yet one of my personal favorites. Inspired by the obvious.

She hides in silence
Keeping me away,
Becoming an island,
Yet still I stay
I approach you and hit a wall
I want to crush it and watch it fall
She’s a mystery
One of a kind
We’ve got history
And a similar mind
We made a breakthrough that night
Our fingers joined under moonlight
Her apathetic barricade
My bubbly shield
Tis our mask, made
Resistance to be revealed
My hopes and fears combine into a curse
You’re just like me only worse
Ever since that time,
I’ve wanted it back
Her hand in mine
Beneath starry black
But time goes by, opportunities escape
You and I are left here to wait

She’s a closed door
A lunar eclipse
Time for action before
The opportunity is missed

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