Friday, November 25, 2011

A Finnished Poem

This is a poem I literally wrote in the last hour sitting here at StarBucks with some friends. One of which is a foreign exchange student from Finland, Sam, who insisted I write a poem about him. So here it is.

From Finland with amusement you came
Your fisheyes took in the world around
To America you rode the plane
Flying lower, reaching the ground
I met you on the lake
A quaint day under the sun
We lost you beneath the wake
As you fell from the tube, having fun
You came from lands afar
No knowledge of what to expect
Seeking education for a start
Hoping for memories to collect
Now you have become another friend
Whom I shall remember forever
And even when your journey here ends
I’ll cherish our times together
We’ve discussed life in hot tub water
And stared at stars surrounded by black
From Finland you came, and I’ll be bothered
When you must return and finally go back

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