Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Music is a huge part of my life. In fact, I've recently been branching off from my guitar playing and learning piano. As far as instruments go, the piano has been equivalent to a hott/cute/funny/physically stunning/OMG girl that you just want to talk to, but don't have the courage to try. I finally talked to her. And kinky innuendos aside, I've been playing the piano non-stop since I started. And it feels wonderful. Just like when I began teaching myself the guitar, its slow goin'. But a few break throughs here and there make all the difference to keep me on track. I love music.

However, it is not my entire life. At times I used to think it was. One month music would be everything to me, and the next it would be writing, and when I was a kid, I just craved drawing almost more than anything else.

I've come to realize that what really IS everything to me -- as far as earthly things are concerned -- is creativity and self expression in general. For those reading and grasping at straws trying to understand, I'd compare it to travel. Its like loving to travel and go places, but you don't get to destinations via only one method. There are planes, trains, and automobiles (no John Candy references, God rest his fat soul) that you use to reach places.

I'd say that writing would be like my "plane". I use it very often to get my thoughts from point A to B and it seems to be most effective at expressing what I think and feel. I would probably categorize music as either a train or a boat. They can get you places, though maybe not as fast. But the plus side is that you get to see life from a different perspective when traveling these ways. Drawing would probably be like a bike. If I'm good enough at riding, it can really get me places quite effectively. It might take more time and energy, but I can definitely get there. As of now, my drawing is limited to little doodlings here and there with an occasional half decent picture. I do like it though. And finally, I'll mention an art form that people don't think of very much, but it is one that I believe in. Speech. The way someone speaks can be truly incredible. It expresses and communicates whether by the actual words or just the way they are said. Not everyone speaks well, even on a daily basis. Modern day vernacular has become so watered down and cliche that it is remarkable to find a handful of people that speak well. Speech is my car. I use it everyday, all the time, but it is indeed unreliable at times. Just like my car, my voice has problems, namely in the way my thoughts reach my mouth and come out in stutters. Or when the thought comes to my mouth, but no words flow. People are just left looking at my gaping hole of a mouth, waiting for sound, but receiving a blank stare. Low gas. Brain farts.

Overall, I thank God for art and the ability it has to medicate and soothe the human soul if we will let it. Sometimes the hardest part is to slow our racing brains down enough to appreciate the simple pieces of human existence. Whether in an emotional painting or heartfelt lyrics. The human heart is an amazing thing. It is even more amazing when you can see a heart's tender contents become something tangible; able to be interpreted and digested, back into another person's heart.
Art was made to be shared.