Monday, November 21, 2011


I really like writing. Its been a passion and natural outlet of mine for a long time. Ever since I was in first grade, I remembering taking ahold of a pen or pencil and thinking of the possibilities. What stories could unfold onto this paper? Opportunities were endless.

As I've gotten older, writing has become a coping mechanism that lets me express the things I feel inside rather than holding them in and letting them rot. I find the arts, and writing in particular to be an escape. A way for me to try and let go of the things that so often trouble me.

Over the years when I've written things (poetry, short stories, etc), much of the feedback I hear from people starts off the same way. "Are you depressed?" "Is everything okay?" "That's so beautiful... but its so sad". This is usually the case, and I suppose that the comments aren't wrong. I tend to write from places of dark-mindedness and typically emotional despair. We all go through it one way or another and everybody has their own ways of dealing with the "down-ness".

Some people drink to shove the problems down and away. Some like to pretend that what they've gone through hasn't happened. They deny it. Others will fill their hearts and minds with people and lustful desires to try and push out the bad things they feel. Many ways people cope become unhealthy. But still others are responsible with their feelings. They talk it out with a friend. Or maybe see a professional. One friend of mine goes out for midnight runs when he feels crappy. There seem to be more bad ways to deal with emotions than good ways at times. But the bottom line is that people need an outlet of some kind to vent their feelings out of their system and hopefully become better people for doing it.

Sometimes I do unhealthy things to forget my problems. I drink too much pop to try and feel more energetic and not so down. Or I'll eat when I'm not hungry. But the best way is just to let it all out like you may see I do on my blog often. There's nothing wrong with that. Write?

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